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TKBN Featured Artwork, F/W 2018, “Mouthful” by Tyler Shields


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The Know by Natasha is an Agency for Creators, 

meaning we stand for creatives by providing a platform for exposure, in the form of independent and art gallery exhibitions, as well as events and media productions. We act as an extension of our clients' studios, and work to enhance brand recognition via social media, partnerships, digital and traditional public relations strategies, and by cultivating and promoting talent in a range of categories, from visual arts, to fragrance and technology.

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We are a group of creatives; that is why we understand the importance of bridging connections and building platforms for arts and culture-focused creators to share their stories. Based in New York City and primely positioned for trend forecasting, we work to craft informative, relevant and thought-provoking public communications and branded content.

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Natasha Roberts is an art and branding advisor, and founder of The Know, specializing in contemporary art and cultural projects. Her curatorial work seeks to promote emerging creatives and to facilitate a more complete viewership of art through incorporating scent’s subtle yet emphatic articulation of memory, cultivating multi-sensory experiences which juxtapose the past and present. Based in New York City, some of The know’s clients and partners have included ArtMuse NY, ArtStart, Hueb, tax collection, various art galleries, real estate developers, restaurants and retailers. Roberts studied Sociology at American University, and Perfumery at Pratt University.


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